Burger Lounge

No junk, all food. A burger craving is serious business and we know it must be curbed immediately. Waiting can cause severe moodiness and bad decision-making. Don’t settle for just any burger. The Lounge Burger is carefully and ingeniously crafted with real food ingredients that together produce the best possible tasting burger. 100% fresh American grass-fed beef dripping with organic cheese, served with fresh or grilled onions, crisp lettuce, fresh ripe tomato, house-made 1000 island on a soft Lounge Bun will do the trick. Warning: may cause severe future cravings.

Fries, check, onion rings, done. Thick shakes, malts and floats, yep, even more cravings.

Non-beefatarians also get major love. The fine dining quality salads, quinoa veggie burgers, free-range turkey burgers and seared albacore sandwiches are healthy, delicious and memorable. Dine in modern comfort at 5 Los Angeles premium locations. Come hungry, leave happy.


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