Zein Obagi, MD – The Leader in Anti-Aging

The Obagi Skin Health Institute on Canon Drive seems like the epicenter of cosmetic dermatology. For people in Beverly Hills and for physicians around the world, it’s the go-to place for the newest products and treatments for skin restoration
and rejuvenation.

Even in the 1980s, Dr. Zein Obagi was a stand-out in dermatology. His mission: enable everyone to enjoy healthy, younger-looking skin. Just one man—changing the way that dermatologists and plastic surgeons understand and treat aging skin? That’s one very lofty goal. It’sthe kind of challenge that Dr. Zein Obagi likes. He’s well-known and respected for standing apart and ahead in the world of  anti-aging skincare.

First Dr. Obagi defined the concept of Skin Health, and in so doing redefined the way that dermatolo- gists and plastic surgeons thought about treating skin. Using five basic principles—healthy skin should be smooth, firm, tight, even-toned, and free of disease, he began developing products and treatments that rejuvenate skin at the cellular level. Most doctors were recommending products that worked on the surface of the skin, so treating skin at a deeper level was a game-changer in skincare.

Instead of recommending moisturizers that just feel and smell good, he developed products that worked harder and deeper to strengthen the skin, accelerate cellular turnover and regenerate baby-like skin.
His products and methodologies established a new gold standard in skincare.

Physicians and patients alike saw the results. The line of products that he helped to develop became the #1 brand dispensed by physicians, worldwide. He traveled the world over lecturing to physicians, conducting seminars and training medical professionals, preaching the doctrine of skin health.

The medical and aesthetic services offered at the Obagi Skin Health Institute are more than an indul- gence – they rejuvenate your skin and create a healthy, younger-looking appearance.

Instead of being satisfied with his original line of Obagi products, in 2007 he one-upped his own game and developed a new, second generation of anti-aging skincare. ZO Skin Health is now the fastest growing brand of professional skincare for the treatment and maintenance of healthy skin. Becoming the world’s best-known dermatologist could have been his legacy. But for Dr. Obagi, the story is not over yet. It’s just the beginning. Today he and his team of dermatologists and plastic surgeons work at the Obagi Skin Health Institute practicing what Dr. Obagi has always preached. Everyone, everywhere can enjoy healthy skin.

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