Get Healthy! Stay Healthy!

Eun Song, L.Ac., PhD, ACN & Ju Hyun Kang, LAc.,DC

3 Angels Health Center’s practitioners are specialized in Nutrition Response Testing, Acupuncture and Neuro Cranial Integration. If you are like many people that come to us for help:

  • You may have health conditions that won’t go away, or can’t seem to lose weight no matter how well you eat.
  • You’ve seen many doctors, or even alternative practitioners, but have not found effective solutions.
  • You suspect that you have not discovered the real cause of your condition.

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive method of determining the underlying cause of your condition. 3 Angels Health Center’s practitioners are certified advanced clinicians in Nutrition Response Testing, the only Practitioners in Beverly Hills with this distinction.

Are you ready for health on a whole new level? Whatever your health challenges, we’ll help you get your whole family back on track.

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