Beverly Hills’ Best All Service Relocation Managers

meganMegan Zucaro is much more than just an entrepreneur. She is a published author, former ABC news anchor, wife of an army officer and winner of Mrs. Texas in 2007—an ambassador for Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, volunteer for Beverly Hills PTA, all on top of being the founder of her own real estate service company, Real Estate Concierge.

The term “real estate” does not capture the range of services offered by her company—they act as a fully functional concierge for normal wonderful Los Angelions to high profile celebrities, millionaires and billionaires from all

over the world. In partnership with Global Mobility Solutions, individuals from all over flock to California with the help of this Beverly Hills-based company. Megan Zucaro is the Suze Orman of Real Estate.

The business was born out of Megan’s experience as an army wife, having to move eight times in five years. That whirlwind period led Megan to become an expert in managing the logistics of relocating a family. Over time, Megan was able to get the moving process down to a science, and can now lend her knowledge and reliability to others in need.

A one stop shop for everything needed during relocation, Real Estate Concierge is the go-to agency for local LA people to celebrities who need a trustworthy and experienced ally who can take care of all the necessary details of moving.

These details include chefs, nannies, house sitters, security, packing, private transportation and financial services, to name only a few. Any request or need, no matter how large, can be tackled by Megan and her team.

Together, they form a unit built specifically to handle the issues that their unique clientele might face, with 50 years of combined experience in real estate, finance and investment between them.

Recently, Megan and her associates have been offering simple step-by-step guides to financial management and home buying on their website, and most importantly they have begun an educational program to help veterans transition into homes after their service.

Real Estate Concierge is a vibrant force in the Beverly Hills community, ensuring that those who relocate to the area can do so with as little disruption to their normal lifestyles as possible. Megan and her team take care of every step of the process no matter the size so that their clients can focus on the important things in life.

Real Estate Concierge will continue to act as Beverly Hills’ best all-service relocation managers for many years to come.

9409 Santa Monica Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(424) 332-2003