Ever Closer To Perfection: The Ultimate Range Rover

Extravagant, elegant, luxurious: Overfinch may be a new name in Beverly Hills but it’s one that feels quite at home. For more than four decades, Overfinch has been elevating the world’s premium SUV – the Range Rover – into a bespoke object of desire. Now this world-renowned brand is available for the first time in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

It takes confidence to remove the manufacturer’s name from a vehicle and replace it with your own. But in the case of Overfinch, whose jewel-like branding adorns the hood of the world’s most sought-after Range Rovers, that confidence is fully justified.


An Overfinch Range Rover has a striking presence even from a distance. The unique, forged wheels, distinctive bodywork and assertive stance will tell you that it’s no ordinary Range Rover, long before you see the jewel-like deep enamel lettering across the bonnet. But to see what’s truly special about an Overfinch Range Rover, you need to get a little closer.

Overfinch exterior styling delivers an eye-catching appearance that remains true to the car’s original design ethos and precisely aligns original components like parking sensors and reversing cameras. It takes time, experience and an obsessive focus upon quality to create a Range Rover that delivers a factory finish with a personal signature. In that achievement, Overfinch stands alone.

The unique looks of an Overfinch is down to the in-house design team. That’s a significant investment and a sign that the company believes in setting its own style. The alloy wheels are unique to Overfinch and branded as such. Body parts are created in hand-laid carbon fibre for strength, durability and light weight. Even finishing touches like exhaust tailpipes are cast and branded with the Overfinch identity to complete the integrated appearance.

“An Overfinch Range Rover is not so much a conversion, more a complete re-imagination
of what a luxury, personalised vehicle can be”.


Overfinch can trace its origins back to 1975 and a company called Schuler. A Range Rover equipped with a Schuler/ FF transfer box and anti-lock brakes won the 1981 Paris- Dakar Rally. The company also developed automatic transmissions, luxurious interiors and even a Chevrolet V8 engine option, finding a ready market among owners looking for a Range Rover with an extra touch of individuality.

The demand for Range Rovers with a little extra power, luxury and style wasn’t lost on the Land Rover factory. Over the years the brand has moved a long way from the original ‘hose clean’ vinyl seating to a higher level of luxury, with ever-more powerful engines. But there will always be those who demand a little more individuality, craftsmanship and luxury than the factory production lines can provide. For those customers, Overfinch is the obvious choice.

“People buy an Overfinch because they want the ultimate Range Rover.”


Whichever model you choose, customers can commission individual interior conversions to suit their specific tastes. Interiors are completely reupholstered, with a range of seat designs and leather options. Choose from traditional diamond quilting or contemporary contrast stitching with micro-piping. Duo-tone colour schemes are popular, from a cool black and ivory to a more extrovert black and red. The leather Overfinch uses is from the respected Scottish tanner Bridge of Weir, and the quality of the craftsmanship is nothing short of sensational. Every surface is a tactile delight; every seam finished to perfection. Even the company’s automated sliding floor space is finished in Bridge of Weir leather and aluminum rather than carpet.

If you want a one-off veneer set with mother of pearl, metal and sand-shading to your own design, it’s yours for the asking. Or if you prefer carbon- fibre, Overfinch offers a kaleidoscope of colour options, from black to bronze, green, orange or red weave.

Special edition vehicles and unique commissions have also seen a rise in the popularity of themed veneers. Overfinch creates one-off marquetry images in veneer to a customer’s brief, reflecting the same level of decorative impact and visual luxury that they would expect at home, in their super yacht or private jet.

“Everything about an Overfinch Range Rover says bespoke British craftsmanship.”

The days when Overfinch would remove the standard Range Rover V8 and replace it with a big-block Chevy are long gone. But you can still enjoy a touch of extra performance. An Overfinch performance exhaust system, together with a remapped ECU, liberates the full power and growl of the Range Rover’s supercharged 5.0 litre V8. An innovative Bluetooth-controlled ‘track mode’ button on the Overfinch key fob opens valves within the stainless steel system to reduce the silencing effect. The result is a soul-stirring snarl that gets more exhilarating the higher the engine revs.

So, not only does an Overfinch look like no other luxury SUV, it even sounds like no other. In a city where appearances are all-important, this sets the brand apart. As a destination and as a vehicle enhancer, Beverly Hills and Overfinch are two of a kind. Both set the standard by which luxury is defined. Both share an elite sensibility and an elegance that is truly unique.

Overfinch North America works with a network of dealers across the country to supply full conversions and Overfinch parts, including body styling, wheels and custom interiors. In Beverly Hills, the Overfinch experience extends to private viewings, vehicle demonstrations and sales appointments at your home or place of work. For more details or to arrange an appointment at your convenience, please contact: inquiries@overfinch.com or call on 1-866-505-0411